Monday, March 31, 2014

One Good Weather Forecast

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One Good Weather Forecast

Raising the bar with a great weather report

There was a time that, should you want to know what the weather would be in the coming week, you would tune into the radio or check out the newspaper, this was the best that we could do because it was the media that were available to us for a weather forecast. The weather forecast service that was in your area was the only report that could be attained by you. If you wanted weather for another region then you would have to come up with a creative solution to get that weather report, it just was not very easy to get all of the information that you needed when you needed it. That time has past.

In this age of information you are able to check out the weather for across the country as quickly as you are to check your own. You are a few clicks away at any given time from not only the weather report, but all sorts of graphs and illustrations put forth by the weather forecast service that you choose to help you anticipate the weather and keep on an even keel. You can be your own junior meteorologist from your personal computer with all of the same information staring you in the face. You can actually create your own weather forecast with the range of atmospheric information that can be presented to you if you only know where to look. There is no reason for anyone to have not packed their umbrella or mittens before a vacation with poor weather, because we can get a 10 day forecast for the area that we are going. The ease of use and the ability to acquire this information has made itself a part of our everyday lives.

Now we can foresee the beginning of the planting season before it grows near and we can plot the vegetables that we will be growing because we can check the information of the weather trends and know what type of weather that we should be expecting for the year, and we can also know what level of SPF we will be needing when we step out of the door, and how long we can be exposed, thanks to our own personal UV rating. Our need for our allergy medicines should be well established before we set out due to pollen counts, and of course, the weather forecast will tell us how to dress and where we should steer clear of. You would not think that so many elements make up the weather report, and you could have never predicted even fifteen years ago that we would be able to find all of this information efficiently and in one place today from the weather forecast service. It is amazing what difference the right forum makes, and the way that improved technology has changed accessibility for all of us. We can interact with all the available predictors for weather, and we can add the parameters to make the information specific to our needs, so what can we expect next?

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